Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 and vampires

ya know, if i sit just right in my chair, it squeaks. i can make everything squeak. don't ask me how. trebuchet. that's the title of my font. it makes me think of a trebuchet.. that's funny. no. not funny. gol. someone has to tell me when i'm not being funny anymore! ok. i don't want to talk about this.
so..! 2010 has come. there's no stopping it. no one did so i think that the human race has failed. or not. maybe all of you wanted 2010 to come so it could be a bit closer to graduation. a bit closer to college. a bit closer to me out of the house. a bit life. it rattles my mind and every fiber of my non-funny being. i have not made a resolution. i always seem to forget what it is and i never do it. i don't make or set goals either. who actually fulfills them unless it impacts you the next day? gol! why do people have to lie to themselves and say they'll do it? i figure everyone should be happy all the time. oh please no. that would be pretty darn annoying. human emotions are meant to be expresses and not hidden!           i'm a hypocrite.   nope. not gonna tell you what that was about.
again! how can two people be in love? ok. not to be a durp but i am a fan of the twilight series/saga. i think stephanie meyer does a splendid job of allowing the reader to visualize what is going on. the possibilities of imagination are endless! but it still makes me wonder how bella can love edward. it fascinates me. i know it tis all fiction but love is interesting. those people who are in love, i want to know why you love the person you do. like how did you know? did something inside of you just crack when you saw them? was it slow? i just read a blog called the rockstar diaries and that couple is so in love. or from what i can read. i'm not a good interpreter of it. i want to be like them when i'm older. happy and content, fun-loving, carefree. i can't describe them. they're so unique from anything i have ever seen. they're epic. i will probably never forget them and they're quirky ways of doing things. it's so hard to describe how and what i'm thinking. i can never seem to get the words out just right.
breathe. now i'm frustrated but alright. it's sad for me when i can't describe what i want to say. i'm a creative enough person that i should be able to.. nubbity nubs.
moving on to bigger and better things. eh. i can't. i'm kinda caught on the idea of love.     i was in love once. kid stuff though, right?        imagine waking up with your best friend everyday. doing your favourite activities together. wanting only the other person. nothing can stand in your way. it's juts you and your best friend. dang it. i need to stop.
i'm going to talk about people! this is the longest blog post of my entire life. most people won't even get to this point. people are funny. like my friend. he got in a fight and i didn't want to talk to him so he could appreciate me. yea right! that's just me being a drama queen and not being grown up. that's where i was being a chinky monkey. i should be mature and just talk to him..i'm too stubborn for that. if you're reading this (and i doubt you are), i'm sorry. wow. now i hope nobody reads this post. it's so embarrassing. i'm selfish and immature. there i go again!
i'm back! i just got myself a chocolate truffle and i'm ready to be happy. dude! i had so much homework due on tuesday. i had to make this meal for foods everybody is alive. no worries. no animals were harmed in the cooking of food by sara. i need to do a bit o' spanish homework. eh. tis a silly class. one time, our class made our teacher cry! if you've never made a teacher cry, you're missing out on a fantabulous time!
i need to go be a proper babaysitter to my little sisters now. who knows what they have destroyed with my back turned. 
until next time!

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Philip Sandgren said...

Funny how people interpret movies different, In twilight I didn't like how she went to Jacob, I felt she used him as a worldly back up. In the movie Jacob seemed as if he loved her but to me it seemed it was only for his benefit. He had a problem he couldn't control, a sin perhaps. I felt he wanted bella to just accept that. Edward on the other hand also had a problem, he didn't want her to get caught up in it, so he left, hard but better then having her suffer. When you put the other persons happiness above yours, that's when it is love, that is when your most happy.