Friday, April 15, 2011

The Power of "No"

i went on a date tonight. let me describe it before i place any words specifically on it....  i met this fellow on wednesday of last week in an institute class that my friend made me go to. she did not want to go alone so she dragged me along. i went and saw many a cute men. all of them were rm's of course. something to be wary about. after class, this kid walks up to me and starts talking to me. i try to brush him aside because the most gorgeous looking of them all was staring at me. no such luck. he keeps talking. this kid is maybe 5'8" with one heck of a schnoze and light red hair. this is one kid that doesn't really make friends but he thinks he's the schiz. i let him keep talking thinking i would never see him again after that class. nope! he asked for my number and i reluctantly gave it to him. i don't know why i did. i tend to feel bad about saying "no" to things of that nature. i think my friend quickly ran away before this guy could get 2 words out. she is sneaky good. so it's now thursday (today) and during my lunch break at school, he calls me and asks me on a date. i'm curing the entire time but i think, hey, what can it hurt...? he picks me up at my house at 7:30. that's when the real fun begins. he comes inside to meet my family. he asked me if my parents were my parents. they're the only adults in the house so i found it obvious. maybe not. he asks my dad if he was the principal over at kearns seminary and asks is he knows his sister. my dad erases all memory of students he's taught but my dad is of course polite and says "maybe". we''ll call my date mcfly. mcfly then proceeds to ask my father his name. if there's one thing to know about my dad is that he is high and mighty and you better be older than him and calling him by his first name or he better respect you. i found this surprising when he asked. my dad responds by telling him "pickett". the family giggled at this remark but mcfly didn't. he was really wanting to find out his name. he asks again and my dad responds the same. he asks my mom but didn't receive much of an answer from her. i tell my parents we're leaving and walk out the door but he is still on my porch, talking to them inside of the house. he finally comes down and opens my door. what a nice gentleman.... he turns on the car and then we talk for 5 mins about what the plans are. he was giving me options. yes i found this nice but i figured since he asked me on the date, he better damn well know what we're doing. he decides we go to trafalga. trafalga is a family entertainment center. it's got a rock climbing wall, laser tag, mini golf, go-karts, ya know, some fun sounding stuff. it seriously takes him like 10 mins on what activity we're going to participate in. this made me frustrated but i stood off to the side. i was too far away to ask for advice on what to do but not too far to where he would lose sight of me. he would've blown a top. mcfly decides on go-kart, mini golf and laser tag. i'm okay with those choices. we go outside to ride go-karts. this course is about as big as my kitchen. for those of you who haven't been in my house, that would be so tiny that you could hardly fit one kart on it. i tell him that he's "going down" and he tells me to take it easy. i wasn't freaking out. stop telling me to take it easy. he tells me this at least 25 times throughout the entire night. i win. por suputesto. we then go to laser tag which was indoors. thank goodness because it was about 34 degrees outside.and while i ran around trying to get away from him, that was the most fun i had all evening. after the game, he asked me why i didn't stay with him during the game. afterwards we go do min golf... outside. well, first off, he couldn't decide whether he wanted indoors or outdoors. i picked indoors and then he whined about that, and then i said outdoors and he whined about that. i then grabbed my club and ball and walked outside. we played and i ended up winning. again. we then head home. he's a terrible driver. that's what happens when you go on a mission and not drive for 2 years. i offered to drive. no such luck. he asks what we should do now. i'm screaming in my mind to take me home. nope! he wants dessert and since nothing is open at 10 at night, we go to harmons. we buy pop tarts and hot chocolate mis. he asks the harmons man to make hot chocolate for us. he does but not happily. i was quite embarrassed about this.we have our hot chocolate and i'm thinking it's time to go home. definitely not time yet. he wants to go to the magical gazebo! what gazebo?! it's so cold outside and i only want to be home. we got to the gazebo and i'm sure that there have been many o' orgy's (sp?). he thinks it's the greatest place ever. we talk and he comes to the conclusion that i'm a rebel. i can accept this. he comes from a family of 12. 12! we talk about families and he asks me how old i want to be when i start my family. i tell him out of college and starting my job. he tell me that i can get married now. he knows i'm only 18 btw. i tell him that i'm way too young and he disagrees. he talks my ear off about age and marriage. i tune out and listen to the inappropriate rap songs that i put on the radio. i was in charge of the music after all. he then tells me his hands are cold and asks if i would like to make them warm. i tell him no thank you and that maybe he ought to stick his hands under his legs to warm them. he does this, lets go of the wheel and we almost crash into a building. we finally get to my house. mcfly and i walk up to my doorstep and we talk for a little. i'm ready to go inside now so i tell him goodnight. he hugs me and then tells me we'll have to go on another date. he asks what my schedule is like and the only word i can get out before i close the door is "busynight!" i get inside my house and curse up and down that i'm never doing that again. ever ever ever. EVER! so, that was my date from hell. super awkward rm. i accidentally slipped a holy hell and he almost had a heart attack. he also insisted on opening up my door when i exited a car. i didn't listen and open my own dang door. when i step into a car, sure! get my door. when i get out, i'm not going to wait for your sorry butt to walk around and grab it. i've got two hands and if they're not opening my door, they're in my pockets so i don't have to touch you. oh man. why did i say yes?! i'm in college now and i will from now on exercise my right to say no. i'm doing it from now on. so thank you, mcfly, for allowing me to realize this. now with a bitter, awkward after taste in my mouth (no. no. kissing. we only touched to hug) i bit you farewell awkwardly with the words of george mcfly, "lou. give me a milk...chocolate."


Angenette said...

Also, memorize a fake number. I'd suggest something close enough to your own number that you don't forget it, and if you get caught you can make it sound like they wrote it down wrong or something.
For you I'd go with 743-0511. See, 5 sounds like 9 and it's easy to roll off the tongue like it's really your number. If you hesitate and think about it, you're busted.

Paige Helen said...

Hahahaha Sara I laughed out loud at the hand warming- car crashing scenario. And making hot chocolate at harmons...awwwkward. Wow I'm sorry. Better luck next time:).

Teal said...

I seriously laughed out loud!! especially at the gazebo orgy place!!! OH my word when you said "i accidentally slipped a holy hell and he almost had a heart attack." I almost wet my pants. And I could not breathe when you said "when i get out, i'm not going to wait for your sorry butt to walk around and grab it." Seriously this is your best post yet