Tuesday, December 2, 2008


ok. so this is the place to write down everything right? sure. as you can already probably tell i don't like capitalizing things. first it takes too long and second, its' too formal for the relationship i want to have with my readers. lets start off with an introduction. my name is sara and i run. that's a nice start right? i would say this is your turn but.. you can't. more about me. sometimes i like writing and sometimes i like reading. many days i like history. almost a fanatic but not. no biggie. i'm thinking this blog should be sort of this story. lets start off with a protagonist. austin bradford. bradford being the last name of this guy (albino to some) that i like. do we like the idea that austin was born in 1902 in austrialia to a rich family? yes, yes we do. so i'm starting my story and no interupting.

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