Sunday, December 14, 2008


Recently I had an experience with some friends and their views on other people. These are some of the few things I got out of it.
If there's one thing everybody is trying to find in his world, it's acceptance. Acceptance comes in a variety of forms. One could be in relationships between another person, another could be a group of friends or friends in general. Relationships with guys can be tricky. I try to stay away from those because you never know what a guy is thinking so everything is a guessing game. If you like a girl and you get the idea that they like you, tell her! Hold her hand or give her a peck on the cheek.. never mind. That would be rushing into things. Just tell her and if she feels the same way, she should tell you, lets hope. OOOH, but girls don't ever tell a guy you like them unless they tell you in person. They can be quite the tricksters. Guys, if a girl likes you, don't act all weird around them because they can totally tell. Now onto the group of friends relationships. If you're a new student, find a group of friends quickly otherwise it will take a while to fit in. You need to adjust to the group but keep your individuality. Make yourself stand out of the group in a good way so that you can be whoever you want. Don't talk about other friends behind their backs unless the whole group is doing it, and then you still don't! You will be liked by all if you're an all around good person. And if you're moving from a different location completely, don't talk about past friends. People don't care about it. Really, they don't. ALERT TO BORING PEOPLE: People in general don't like boring people. Even boring people don't like boring people. I have a friend that is so boring that nobody likes her. Well lets just say that nobody knows her. She's so undeceive. Just make up your mind. "What do you want to do? I dunno." GAH! Guys don't like you when you do that. Ok but this is nearing the end of my experiences. Well it is the end. Just contemplate these thoughts and just self check yourself every once and a while.


~*Megan*~ said...

Wow. Thanks for that. I really needed it. Not even kidding. It's so true too!! Everybody just wants to feel loved and feel accepted. Nobody wants to be left out in the cold even if that's how they come off. Guys are so confusing. But then again, I guess girls aren't all that much less confusing. But we don't want to be hurt. By putting ourselves out there we put ourselves at risk to get hurt and many people are afraid to do that. I know I am. Anywho...I'm done rambling haha thanks again

Anonymous said...

Ok I would have to say this is one of your best postings Sara. I can see that you can really understand us men. Thanks to your post I can see how girls think the men should act when they like a girl, and now I will try to do what you advise next time im in that situation. Thanks again Sara, and please continue to write!! It can help the one in need, of entertainment or in advice.