Tuesday, July 7, 2009

welcome back

hey, i know i've been gone for quite some time but actually, i've been here the whole time. my laziness just gets a hold of me. i've had a few thoughts recently. i wish i could have enough to say to compile it into a book but seeing i'm not a talented writer, it will not work out. :T
what happens when a current love interest and a past love interest come into the same room? they both know what positions they hold to me. awkward, huh? (p.s. everything i say will be jumping around so one thought might not connect with the next.) my really good friend is leaving on a trip for a bit. i'm really excited that he's going because i'm almost positive that he wants to. i'll just miss him. but he will be back soon. :) tomorrow is my birthday. i have mixed feelings about that. oh well. yay. life is really good. it's fun to see what new stuff is thrown at you. well, i've got to leave my post! take luck and keep faith.

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