Thursday, September 24, 2009

it's school time!

goodness gracious everybody. calm down. so much to say and so little time. much has happened but most of it will stay in my head except for a few snippets. we sent my brother on one of those two year excursions. i will miss him but for the record, i didn't cry.. too much. only like a tear or two. my plans for this evening are to sit at home and watch a chick flick. aw.. i love them so epically much. so pretty! moving on. school! it's great stuff. the learning and all is really invigorating. it makes me want to do better in life!.. not so much. it's something to pass the time and to get me a better life later on. everybody has to put in their dues, right? i like boys. next! don't worry. i won't discuss my guy life. even though it is the best no battles! my life is great. no school tomorrow and such. the whole sleeping in factor makes my super stoked. i don't think you even realize my stokededness. well since i gots nothing else to write, i figure i ought to get clean. see ya later the nobody that reads this!
~sara p.


BrD said...

hey, i am not a nobody! and i like the blog ;)

Philip Sandgren said...

Sara it looks like at least two people read your blog, and you call us nobody? BrD lets go read somebody elses blog. LOL. All joking aside its nice to here about your life, its a nice open journal.

Angenette said...

I'll miss Allen, too.