Tuesday, April 6, 2010

oh my nubs.

sara pickett is a rockstar. shhh. don't tell anyone!
so, let's start off with the hilarious things that are poking a hole in my side right now. so for april fools day, i put saran wrap over my brothers toilet seat. oh man. the pee bounced back and hit him in the belly! (i did not watch any of this. it was an account retold by the boy himself) haha! can you imagine?! i'm totally picturing like this wet spot on his belly and he comes upstairs all confused like. what a sad boy. or what a sad life. that's been my highlight so far.
        oooo! and the fact that i get to go surfing...indoors! yea i do! what now suckas! sorry. super excitement going on there. i'll try to contain myself. thanks to the radical reed. umm.. recently had spring break. hung out with friends and went to the hindu festival of colours.. quite cool. like on a scale of 1 to 13 it was a 12. hung out with alex de la paz. figured out that i'm going to s.u.u. for college... um, my body is old. jk! i'm so alive right now it's ridiculous! or not. most people are so it can't be. lols
    tomorrow is my abuelitas birfday. happy birthday. sorry. i don't know how old you are. i stopped keeping track after 60. you stopped aging then. :)
    it's 4th term.. i just need to survive 2 more months of school then i start the best adventure of my life. i'm so stoked that i'm doing a huddy happy hand dance. right....now!
     i'm not doing the senior talent show cause my talent can't be shown on stage. and yet my talent is 38x better than some silly dance!.. bluff. big bluff there. dancing is the bomb .com. the end. ok no. not the end. just being a teen.
     sorry. no guy stories to date. just being awesome. it's kinda a hard thing to do so if i don't pull it off correctly much of the time, don't give me a hard time or blame me. i'll beat you with a spoon and recently i started carrying one in my backpack and a smaller one in my purse for portable beatings. oh man! i make myself giggle.
    sorry westminster coach. i didn't mean to keep cutting out on you on the phone but that was the bets conversation i had with you EVER! we should do it again sometime, or not. :)
      well i want to be done writing cause i want to shower super bad so i can hang out with you. shotgun no battles!  yes! i win! isn't that the best feeling ever? winning? yes it trumps all. i don't care what you nubbies say. the end. love..................sara p. (thanks mom for the most lame-o nickname on the face of this planet) (but i still love you cause you keep the girls quiet) ..(or not) official the end no battles tap tap. :}

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