Wednesday, July 7, 2010


     goodness! where am i to start. it feels like my blog needs some dusting and i should explain why i was gone for so long. you see, being sara pickett takes a lot of time and energy.. poo. that's all garbage. i felt as though i had nothing to write, nor i had the desire to write anything about my life. too many things were complicated and i wasn't sure what to do. i can officially say now that most of my life is cleared up and i feel significantly better now than i did 6 months ago. graduating from high school is always a +. soo... college. i'm almost positive that i am headed to SUU in cedar city. i just need to find a job down there to pay for tuition because money does not fall from the sky, as i have sadly learned. i have a place to stay... just no money for school. it's just complicated. that's the only part of my life that's a mess. cross my heart. pinky promise.
      i recently got my tonsils cut/sliced/ripped/esploded out of my mouth and i have been bumming around the house for a while. it's not cool. i'm very much ready for an adventure. since tomorrow is my birthday, i will have that adventure and do what i want. i'm so stoked! i'm going to be 18. what does that mean? yes! i can buy dry ice! ha ha nah.. i'm not sure what 18 means. is it just another number? people always say that you feel exactly the same from when you were a certain age to the next one up. i disagree. cause tomorrow, i won't feel 17 anymore. i'll be 18. now i feel, it's the right time to explore the world and to grow up. i can't keep acting little. i mean, i know i should have fun and be silly, it's just different. my fun is different than that of my 9 year old sister. let's just say that i'm thoroughly excited to grow older. i'm excited for what life holds in store and the challenges that await me. now i can carve my own path. :)
      moving on to lighter business....boys! i know everybody loves hearing about that part of my life. well, that's also something unexpected. some people have come along that may have changed the course of my life. and i'm so grateful for them. :] ha ha he teaches me so many things! it's ridiculous. he even taught me, the awesome sara pickett, how to have fun. to enjoy everything! i still can't get over it. tis crazy! but.. thank you. this is so cheesy, even on my cheese scale, but this makes me think of the rascal flatts song. it says "others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars". ha! oh teal, thanks for breaking my young heart. it was very much worth the joy i have now. maybe if some guys weren't such JERKS!.... haha that was for you quinci. nah. you just have to find the right one. it's all about timing. oh quinci! i hope you have a most splendid time in europe. do everything you want to without regrets. :)
      Andi! she's still my favourite. shhh. don't tell sophie. she might cry. dear allen, i miss you like a 13 year old girl misses her cell phone. you're the greatest. i love our weekly chats that last 20 mins. well, when you email my phone. you'll be home soon enough. (p.s. everybody..these are thoughts that just run through my head at random. they have no order. don't ask me about any of these thoughts or ideas or entries. you shouldn't even be reading this! ;) peace and love)
      what else is streaming through my mind.... world cup soccer! argentina is out. it's a most sad time for the argentina nation. today, spain and germany play. i hope germany loses with all my might. they're the ones that knocked argentina out. that is no fun. beat someone with a spoon! oh. thanks for letting me beat you with a spoon. my mind just went to the time that we got ice cream and walked through the lettered streets. that seemed like such a good time. one day, we're going to the top of the church office building! we'll do it! cause we're unstoppable! like superheros that wear tight spandex and wear capes. unless the cape chokes you. then "no capes!" -- edna. tomorrow, i'm going to dress like a rockstar! why, you ask? cause i am one.. shhhh. it's a secret. okay. if you're going to get me anything for my birthday, don't get me a panda. they take a lot of work. get me a book. sign it and date it. something memorable. i want to keep it forever. read it always. cause i'm that sort of person.  awesome! some may even say bodacious.
    ok. now i'm rambling. i'll be done. happy birthday saul! the end.
    until next time, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

Let's talk about this 'breaking your young heart" :) It's news to me!