Wednesday, August 11, 2010


sorry everyone... i've been on a little ranting spree lately. it all comes with being a rockstar i guess. but i'm back and i'm in show business! but pony and trisha? you guys poop on parties. hardcore. so, not much going on around here. hopefully i get to go on a trip to island park tomorrow. cross your fingers and pray with all your might. i want to go sooooo badly! spend some time with my BFF forever. ha quinci is gone in europe still. having loads of adventures that i only wish i was having and that i read in books. i've read a lot of those lately. maybe like 5 over the summer so far. i wish summer could last forever. i'm not ready for it to end. i haven't done everything i want to quite yet. oh well, i can't control time....or can i? :0 j.j. that stands for just joking. in case anybody wanted to know. oh! so i forgot to wear my retainer last night cause i couldn't find it in the dark (i got home kinda late) and so now my teeth feel funny. i think i'm going to wear it all day today so i can keep my teeth straight. my face is breaking out. normally my face doesn't receive blemishes but it had a different plan in mind. why can't i look pretty?! that's a common complaint i have against God. if i was pretty, life would be so much more easy. instead, my 9 year old sister has all the looks. trust me. my dad even said that. and i believe my dad. one day i will have my revenge. one day! so, i have to take this stupid test to get into SLCC. like, really? i received a $19,000 scholarship to westminster and i have to test to get into SLCC. how does that even make sense? they are lucky for me to be heading there! and they don't even realize it. nuggets. ok. well, i'm not ready for school. haven't even signed up for classes yet. need to do that as well. i don't like this whole getting old thing. well, i'm going to attempt to make myself look decent and take the bloody test. bugger! later!


Audrey said...

Sara! you should have gone to Westminster! Cause thats where i am going and we could have been best friends there!! But i hope everything works out at SLCC for you!! You are awesome! :)

Pilar Marie said...

ahhhhh I can sooo relate. my little sis has all the good looks as well. However, I do think you are quite good looking.
You shoulda gone to the U silly nub.
Trisha and Pony blows my mind.