Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anofer Sundae

   i'm sitting here on top of a chair. okay so you know LDS singers? yea. we all do. well, they're all so super nasily. i don't like them at all. i think they're all terrible. and they always sing about not being alone and shining bright. i'm listening to that music right now...cause it's sunday. it's killing me! my ears are gonna fall off and die! this music is mike tyson-ing my ears! okay okay, i'm under control. maybe.
   so, what's new in my life? well, i went to a place called grinders...or something like that. i hear they have really good sammiches. i'll try one someday. yesterday i went dirt biking and i took a fall. flew over the handle bars. yes, when someone tells you that you can't only press the front brake but the back as well, they're probably right. otherwise you could end up with a broken foot, raspberry on your back, scratched up elbow, and a banged up knee. and that day later never feels good. lets juts say i was a bit more cautious. i went much slower..that's never fun but at least i stayed safe. dude! so i have this huge bite on my arm. i think a mutant mosquito bit me! they like my blood so much! and i do not like it. :( not at all. my wrist looks huge. ya know cankles, well i'm calling my one wrist, crist. the end. so bad!
    ha ha i remember when you told me that you liked my long hair better and that my short hair was bad, yea...well, you're wrong. you just like longer hair cause it's plain and you can play with it. i deleted your number, and all your pictures. so, i'm good now. it only seemed like 20 mins but you went mindless on me. juts know that i do think about you, i just wish i didn't.
   now what do i do? well, it's sunday and there isn't much. right after i finish ranting and raving on here, i will draw. little patterns and such. maybe i'll design a house. :) i need to get away from whiny siblings and an uptight mom. and since the computer is in the kitchen/dining room and they are less than 10 feet from me, i'm going to hide somewhere. i hate hearing them talk. or i just hate hearing sophie talk. and the sad thing is, i wouldn't mind if she was gone. i feel this way when i'm happy too. she's a terrible person. anybody want a blonde haired, blue-eyed little, 9 year old girl? i promise that she is free. no extra charge.
    sometimes i just wish i could fly away and be free. if i could fly, i could leave here and do whatever i needed to. go where i want to go and explore endless possibilities. i could draw in peace. i hate it when i start on an activity and my parents will pester me to do something, i say wait a bit and then they get mad at me. apparently, everything has to be on their own time. i have to put down whatever i'm doing or working on and do whatever they said. it's seems like what i'm doing is not important. it makes me feel insignificant. i don't like that feeling. :-J life happens i guess. born to the family you're born to for a reason. i just haven't figured out my reason quite yet. i'm afraid i never will. until next time.

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I wish things were different