Monday, November 29, 2010

Teh Sky is Purple

good day everyone! i have neglected coming on here due to the fact that i do not have 5 spare minutes in my day to write whatever i want. but right now, i have all day. so now it's a tad odd because i have nothing to write about. i could say that i have a love for sushi thanks to my most best friend ever. umm... i'm also in love with my best friend. don't tell him that. could end up awkward.... ;) life is more than crazy right now. i have to figure out what i'm going to do with my life! i have to figure out how to keep myself entertained for the next 10 months until my brother comes home. i have a feeling that i will be bored too much and find myself at home all too often watching reruns of shows that i've already seen. my nights will be filled with endless amounts of homework that everybody has and complains about but the problem is, i will actually do my homework and then have nothing to do the other nights. wow. this is just a post about how bored i'll be. sorry folks. this is no fun. lets just update you on my life. i live at home. i have a boyfriend. even though i don't like that word because it sounds so immature. i have a gentleman-friend. i go to a community college. i'm like everyone else and wishes for an adventure. last night, i witnessed a dogs eye popped out of it's socket. but not my dog. whew! that would be absolutely terrifying. i'm poor. meaning me. not my family. even though..... leave it at that. occasionally i still have to babysit my younger siblings even though i am in college. i have a curfew. i'm sure i always will. it snowed about a foot yesterday. my little brother and i took turns shoveling what seemed like every half hour. twas nuts! if i had proper snow gear, i'm sure i would love the snow. i'm sure i would be out there all the time. rolling in it and making snow forts. snowmen.... the snowy works! but it chills my bones and just makes me grumpy at my family. my little sister is currently getting her tonsils taken out. i'm sure the skilled hands of the doctor are done by now and she's probably yapping up a storm with all the anesthesia. i'm crossing my fingers she won't be like that when she comes home. i had my tonsils taken out over the summer and it hurt. i can only imagine the pain she's going to go through.
       ssooo. more updates. i love watching america's next top model. love it. i think it's great. doesn't have too much drama involved so that's a good sign. i love watching scrubs with my gentleman-friend. he's the one that got me into it. i love watching a new series on pbs called sherlock. ah-mazing i tell you! my mom just came in with my little sister. they gave her a blanket. they give little kids blankets when they get their tonsils out. my mom just asked me what im writing. i told her whatever i wanted to. and this is what you, as the reader, has to deal with if you read this insane diary of mine that is upon the interweb. i want to print all these pages out and put them in my physical journal. i will do that when i have a day where i have nothing to do. in about 6 months i will. crap. now that my mom is home, i'm done writing on here. i don't want her to read over my shoulder and she makes me do stuff. can't she understand to leave me alone while i'm writing...? it's just one of those things that you don't mess with. writing time is sacred time. goodness. okay. i'll be done writing before i have a mental breakdown online. lololol not. until next time!   

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