Thursday, December 2, 2010


i hate it w hen people knock down icicles. my little brother knocked all of mine down. i was quite upset. now i can't look at them and think about how much time goes into that. lame that i'm thinking of icicles rather than writing a really important interview schedule for class. i also juts found out that i just took 2 tylenol p.m. rather than the regular kind. i don't want to sleep! it frustrates me that i didn't look at the bottle beforehand and i just took them.oh man. this ought to be a fun evening. i'm supposed to plan something exciting to do but i can't think of anything. no homework sounds very idea. end of semester always makes me scared for my life. the fun thing is, is the fact that i can choose to go back to school in the spring or stop all together. i can make decisions for myself because i'm a big girl. my house is silent and it makes me very concerned for my life. jj i just remembered that my mom and sisters went to the library. hallelujah! woops. got distracted with school work for a second there. ew. :) at least i'm getting it done... i'll keep working. God speed.

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Angenette said...

Why oh why would younot go to school in the spring?