Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fuzz and Skeeters

oh! i failed to mention that i did in fact get pulled over last night...for the first time ever. :) my dad tells me i'm cute so i'm starting to believe it. i only got off with a meer warning. he said next time he'll have to give me a ticket. unfortunately for him, i'm still a pickett and i can talk my way out of almost anything. and when i rolled down my window, 5 mosquitoes flew into my car. i'm swatting them away as i talk to officer jodi (a man) but i currently have 5 bites on my legs from the traumatizing event. not getting pulled over but the mosquitoes in teh car. why did God put them on the earth? no one likes them! curses.

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Anonymous said...

hahahha oh brother. You think you're hot stuff