Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's thursday night and i'm stuck at home.

so the title says it all. i should be out and doing something that teenagers do right? that's what i thought. my parents are good people and such. yay for the temple. you know what bugs me? dramatic teenagers. i promise i'm not high maintenance. get me with a good book and ill be silent for ours on end. i actually enjoy silence. i don't mind at all if i don't talk to a single person all day. but i don't want to stay home when i could be doing something more exciting. now i'm the oldest in my family. my older brother is off to college and now i have to be the responsible one. oh wait, haven't i always been the responsible one? (sigh)(deeply) i know i don't live a glamorous life that i envision myself. goodness. i'm so grateful for everybody in my high school. they are the people that make the best stories. all the stories i write, the people are real. i base my stories off of real people. i'm all about living in the moment..if i don't get in trouble. i'm not sure if that makes sense. oh well. it's thursday night and i'm stuck at home.

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