Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year

ok so it's the new year which means new resolutions. yay. :I i tried resolutions once upon a time. then i realized that i probably shouldn't make a new years resolution to kiss all the guys in my school. bad idea. the end of the semester is coming up which means it's finals week. this week can either make or break all the work you've done during the whole semester. tests, getting sick, studying, sicknesses, writing an some more getting sick. yay it's a party. it's ramble on day p.s. i have a phone and it's name is marty. there should be a guy i know named marty. i would dig him. oh boys! they're quite fascinating to watch. macho man to macho man. getting the swankiest girl. it's a party! all the good girls get passed up and then they're too scared to talk to any guy then they have low self esteem issues and then they stop caring then the world EXPLODES! next.. have i mentioned i hate running.. sometimes. eh. cleaning time.

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