Wednesday, October 7, 2009


look! i happen to be writing here again. i don't know why i keep coming back. maybe because i have no one else to tell my silly teenage problems to. so lets cap on what has been going on. i like this one guy.. you know who you are! school is rough but everyone has to go through it.. i'll get through it soon. it's cake! chocolate.. but i don't like cake. i'm an ice cream kinda girl. i can eat it any day, any season at any hour. it's delicious. x2 oh oh! something new at school. in my foods class, there is this one kid who just moved here and he is super quiet. like you can expect this kid to be at your bedside with a knife at any moment but don't worry! he's harmless! i cracked him. it was the weirdest thing. it was actually today. after our test i was flipping my pen around in my normal style and he started copying me. i take a glance at him and he's flipping all over the place! i flip something easier and he copies and does it correct without jabbing someone in the eye. i was so proud of him that i actually look at him and smile. he smiles back and looks embarrassed at the same time because he didn't realize that i was looking at him. i ought not to freak people out anymore. that's my good story of the day. one day we will talk but i'll just smile from across that classroom.
whew! that was a wheelbarrow full to write. now. friends. i've made some more girl friends and ditched some of the guys. they bug. p.s. i hate it when people make a big deal that i say i don't like people. so i don't like greg and alex bugs me. you can't like everybody! enough of that. i'm gonna go clean up and watch a nice movie. goodbye to the two that read this piece of my mind. p.s.p.s. it's not my fault if you guys go crazy or insane from reading this. it's your own fault.
~sara p.

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