Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunny Days and Sundays

it's weird how time passes and things change. your life moves so swiftly like rivers.. nothing is staying the same. always changing even though it feels like nothing exciting happens, something does. you and my, baby! craziness. like a rush of blood to the head. a passed test, a peck on the forehead, a simple smile, a compliment, autumn leaves, crisp air. LG. small and simple things are great. time flies but moves as slow as a snail.. slower than that. as slow as my xc times! each season brings something new and each person does as well. gol. my grandma just gave me a lecture about talking to people i don't know. i forget how crazy she is. i'm mostly excited about how i am growing up and constantly changing. my friends are moving away. friends i have known since elementary school. what's behind the next bend? but a wise old person once told me to jump into something with both feet. none of this, lets try it out. just gotta do it! so that's enough of that. T-SWIFT son! she's great. i love how i can actually relate to some of her songs. yay for life. THE END

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BrD said...

LG!!!! even though it is fast. taylor swift has taken on a whole new meaning for me. gotta love it!