Saturday, November 7, 2009

like a ditch

gol. let's lighten things up! everything seems so down. puts a damper on things. ok! everybody! all.. one of you. :) let's have a party to celebrate life! sure things are changing but it doesn't mean it's bad. it's pretty bodacious. sure i could do without the winter cold but eh, whatcha gonna do about it..? so my parents get home tonight from their cruise! i'm excited! i should write some advice at this moment in time. oh! i have some great advice. so, (story time) once upon a time, there is this kid that this girl met at this youth thing. we'll name him..sid. umm i'm deeply sorry but i have to be rude but honest. sid is ugly. it's not a fixable ugly. he asks this girl on a date. she doesn't want to go at all. like at ALL! the girl is in a predicament! what does she do?! meh. the story probably doesn't go the nice way or the way that you as the reader wants it to go. she says that she isn't interested and that she is seeing someone at that point in time.. rude, huh? yes it is but this girl could not go. well she could but she didn't want to. that girl feels evil in a bad way now.. op! feeling gone!
gol! i'm not talking about this now! what happened to the advice? ok! wear what you want. that's what i do. it's fantastic because now, people say that everything looks great on me and it doesn't matter what i wear.. i'm being annoying right now. i can feel it. tis not pleasant. i don't like spanish homework..if you're reading this mrs. smith, i despise spanish homework! you're a crabby teacher that should put tequila instead of milk in your cereal!
moving on.. i'm terribly terribly sorry for those that read this. as i have probably mentioned before, i have a.d.d. when i write. skips all over the place! my teeth hurt. oh! so all of a sudden, my friend is going on these dates with girls that have boyfriends. can you believe him?! why would these girls say yes in the first place? like, really? hmm.. i think he's jealous of me. well, maybe not of me but he's jealous. should i be saying this on here? i have a feeling that questions might be coming in. no matter. it just bugs me so bad. why now? he's on a date right now and i really really need to talk to him! i liked it much much better when he had no life.
i've written to much.. i'm leaving to wash dishes now..
goodbye scaries!


Philip Sandgren said...

Always interesting. Makes me wonder what your journal is like.

sara p. said...

it makes me wonder too..