Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Day

dear you and you and you, i'm sorry for the advice which i have not given recently. tis a crazy life but i have news..i got accepted into southern virginia university! i'm crazy confused, nervous, excited..ah! i don't know how to explain it. so let me update you on how my life is going. now i know that all you want to hear is about the juicy guy stuff but i can't tell you till the end. sucka! :)so as most of you know (and if you don't..surprise!) i'm LDS. very active and love every part of my church. i've recently starting reading my scriptures again and i have found like a new me. there's more excitement in my life. i'm so peppy. i love hanging out with my girlfriends and being a teenager. i'm hanging out with them and we talk and giggle. ya know, girl stuff. it's very secret stuff that guys cannot know about. lets keep them thinking that we do innocent things. ninja's in the dark, pink and pretty by day! ;)there's new hope and enlightenment. i'm still sara.. with more added on. much cooler features and gadgets. so so so. home life is going. i can't complain. my dad and i are similar so we either get along or he drives my crazy. isn't it funny that the people you're most like drive you crazy? my little sisters are terrorists.. not really. please do not put them on a terror watch list. the love doing things that get me in trouble. this is no lie! how the books say little sister are, they are! my little brother is cool sometimes. we hang out but we aren't too close. we don't bother with personals. i don't mind and it won't hurt our relationship in the future. school! so obviously it's going well since i've been accepted into college.. yay! friends are great. i have this one girlfriend that understands everything i'm going through and my emotions. tis nuts! i love it though. now the moment you've all been waiting for.. the grand finale..BOYS! eh. nothing too special. i like him, i love him, he's cute. meep. my papa doesn't want me to get serious but yet he tells me to stop messing with their hearts. how does this make sense? someone please explain! when i go away to college, my guy life will cease. all the guys in high school that i've dated will be away to other schools. huh interesting how life goes on. ah! it's late and my mama is reading over my shoulder. awkward. till next time, faithful readers.
sincerely, me.


Philip Sandgren said...

Congratulations!! Being excepted is the first step, now you have to decide if that is really where you want to go. You seem positive towards it so I’m sure it is. I’m glad to hear you have found joy in the scriptures, from my personal opinion there is no greater joy then what you feel when you read the scriptures, Sadly its been awhile since I have sat down and really studied the scriptures. Perhaps I’ll fallow your example. I think its funny you say you and your little brother aren’t very close. I think you say that because you are not the younger one, he looks up to you more than you might think. I guess that depend on your definition of close, to me someone I’m close to I look up to

BrD said...

i am still unbelievably stoked that you got into SVU, with scholarships out the wazooo!

Alyssa said...

Congrats cousin!!! That is fantastic. By the way, love your blog. It's great and you're so funny. Can't wait to see you at Christmas!!!!