Monday, February 8, 2010

Angsty Much?

i have no idea what i'm going to write about but my finger felt inspired to move and to get something down. i want to inform you all about my life but i feel that it isn't as fun as writing some cheesy, drama queen life story as i normally do. you all saw my slo-mo battle. awesome. i haven't giggled so hard at my house for a long while. i have a few things in my mind as of the moment.i'm thinking of him and her. (code names could be necessary) and about how they manage i'm not sure what i'm getting at. i mean, how can they stay together? they're so far apart and..gol. i hate it when i don't know what i'm trying to get at.
it's you and me. that's all that matters..right? we rock. kevin's rude. but i'm pretty sure he's just kidding. :) i want to write about you but i don't know what to say. you're perfect..or pretty dang close to it.
this week reminds me of an old valentine that was written for me. should i write it on here? sure! so this was written for a school assignment and quotes from different love stories were compiled to make this. tis cheesy but that's how it's supposed to be.
"So long as i can breathe or i can see, so long lives your love which gives life to me." My devotion is eternal, I yearn for thy sweet company. How i look from afar, longing for thy presence close to me. How i wish i were the rays of the sun so i might touch that gentle face. "Parting is such bitter sweet sorrow, that i should say good-night until it be morrow."   --thanks for writing this. it was a great year.
now it's time to move on. i'm sorry for your loss. she was a great girl. i'm sure you can find another like her..dots dots... you're a great guy! she just wasn't right for you. focus on what you need to do. be strong.
i always wondered what life would be like if i traded places with someone else. life is crazy..crazy is such a generic term. life is old and new. old as in the same old things everyday but new as in everyday with you is new. life a breath of fresh air of an essscape from life.
i wish i could be famous. i don't care what negative things people say about it. i want to be famous. i want to be in a movie. i want to do something to be noticed. i'm so tired of fitting into the crowd. sure i'm being myself but i want to do something legendary. i want to be on the red carpet sporting the latest fashions and people asking for my autograph. that will have to wait. for now, i'm a girl from utah that sits in her kitchen..typing. secretly hoping no one will read this so she doesn't get judged. a girl can have dreams? i sit in my kitchen while my siblings run around me and my mom asking if i can set the table. i'll be content. i'll be day though, i'm going to find my way out and i'm going to b r e a t h e.


Paige said...

I love your random blogs... I wish I got all of the references ;)
Miss you Sara!

Anonymous said...

What about matt and meredith!!!!! They're awesome too.