Monday, February 22, 2010

just another day in the pickett household!

hey everybodysssss! (wow. that was annoying) just chilling here. has anybody else noticed that it's super swell cold outside? my papa and i believe in global cooling now. i promise it's happening! run for your lives! so murray's a pretty chill place. durping around. hanging with friends, driving max (my car..yes i named him). being a teenage girl. teenage girl! speaking of teenagers.. i found some blemishes on my cara! oh no! sara the rockstar (don't tell anyone) pickett does not get blemishes. how is this possible?! then my good friend helped me realize that i wasn't getting enough fresh air. i said to my friend, "friend, thou art wise." he said, "yes, yes i am." so then i head outside to go mess around. specifically to my backyard. the only worthwhile thing back there is the tramp. no i have not named that. so i get on the tramp with my friend and we hop around. he shows me his mad skills..and i get jealous of those mad skillzzz. not particularly jealous. i just wish i could do those. so i pull out some cool flips and then he goes on and does a back flip. i say, "duuuuude!" and he tells me to do one.. i cannot. (i had a bad experience) so he leaves and later on that night i get on the tramp. by this time im bound determined to do one. i tell myself that i'm not going to be a pansy. my dad sees me struggling. he gets on the tramp, pulled out a back flip and goes back inside. i have to do it now. i can't let my dad pass me up.  so i FLIP! and i LAND! sara pickett gets gold! there's no stopping her!   and that's my exciting story.
i'm obsessed with the olympics. i love everything about them. i'm going to go one day. whether i compete or spectate, i'm going. you may come to!
lols you  just got bras dropped off on your doorstep. and you're a dude.
  so spanish is going to be the end of me. i have about 22 (2 terms in office) hours o' homework tonight because of that bl_asted class.
   my sister just dumped bleach all over my dirty clothes in the laundry room. black shirt? not so much. oh no! my mom is dizzy cause she went down to the laundry room and inhaled all the bleach smell. this is so funny! now i have just found out that there is no laundry detergent or toothpaste. andi an evil mastermind? i think she's making a bomb. the plunger is now missing. jk. it's IN the toilet. wow. andi is my hero. she can make my mom cry by not saying or touching her. i think i'm going to call andi p.t. that stands for pro terrorist. i likes it.
   welp! (not a typo. i don't dso those here) ;) gotta get off before my mama wakes up my papa and WW VI occurs. good day peoples!

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BrD said...

i like the mention of global cooling. the highlighting is a nice touch too... whatever inspired you? ;)