Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm sorry.

i'm to those that don't understand my blog.
i'm sorry to my spanish teacher for thinking she's the devil.
i'm sorry to my best friend for being a drama queen.
i'm sorry to my mom for making her feel stupid all the time
i'm sorry to my dad for being such a smart alec and loving every minute of it.
i'm sorry if i offended you.
i'm sorry, mom that i have to eat 2 pb&j sandwiches for lunch everyday.
i'm sorry to allen... i can't find your def leppard t-shirt.
i'm sorry that i don't talk to you as often as i should.
i'm sorry for not understanding.
i'm sorry to all those that have tried to listen to music with me.
i'm sorry to my legs for making you work so hard-you too feet.
i'm sorry to bradley because i can't ski.
i'm sorry to teal for not following your stretching exercises.
i'm sorry i can't dance.
i'm sorry to myself...
i'm sorry to love- i didn't mean to betray you.
i'm sorry to my cousins for not bonding more as kids.
i'm sorry to sophie for being rude because i enjoi making you cry.
i'm sorry to andi for being my favourite.
i'm sorry to marcos, when you were little.
i'm sorry to megan for annoying you with every little problem i have.
i'm sorry for all those times i was rude.
i'm sorry you can't trust me.
i'm sorry i didn't write.
i'm sorry for a lot more things.
i just don't want to list them all. :T
i'm sorry for being a rockstar. life happens. :)

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