Wednesday, July 28, 2010

lolz people

ha ha dear people of the earth, if you think a blog post is about you, it probably isn't. and! if i wanted to discuss a blog post with you, i wouldn't post it here. i would actually talk to you about it. everything on here is not meant to be talked about with me cause i can't say anything else besides what is posted here. sorry. i'm not much of a talker. think of me as a puzzle. put the clues together. you never ask sherlock holmes directly cause he hasn't put it together himself. le duh! (that's french for duh) so there you have it folks!
   i found a new love for japanese food. everything is so fantastic. even fried tofu...who would've thought.. more dots. i work at a japanese restaurant. silly, eh? and i'm not even close to japanese, as much as you guys thought so..not! tis all a lie. don't hate me. i'm just argentineaniticanese. i'm gonna go put on some cute clothes now cause work clothes just won't cut it if you're a rockstar. ;) peace, love ,death & destruction!

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Philip S said...

This crazy randomness come with this rockstar thing?