Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm back...for revenge.

okay... so, i'm back for some more venting. some people are such JERKS! you know they're talking about you and they know you're listening.... it's just, BAH! i'm not a liar. you're just an emotional jerk that can't handle the truth. everything i told you was the truth. i told you what was going on and you could handle it then but you couldn't handle it when it was put in action. now this is me being a jerk cause i know you're going to read this. so, read away. eat your heart out. have a nice life. i'm better off without you. we had fun but i wasn't what you expected. i never am. you're better off without me. my dad was positively, absolutely, 100% right. you're much too immature and this is me not being able to handle you now. so, enjoy life without me. i'm not hurt. just angry with how you dealt with it. next time a girl comes around, relax. everything will be perfect when you relax. i'm not the girl that's going to worship you because i know that's what you want. i can't give you that. i'm me. absurd, ridiculous, bonkers, impractical, foolish, odd, and even peculiar, but i'm not a liar.

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