Thursday, March 1, 2012


this will be short and sweet and to the point because i have math class in 40 mins. give or take. ha! lets get real, there is not point to any of these posts. it's like a bad seinfeld episode. or a really good one. i wish that you could all hear the tone of voice i talk in. but there are a couple of things that i wanted to get out of my head. music on blogs. at first i had a really strong opinion of it. that it ought not to be there. you shouldn't make someone listen to your music while they're reading your blog in their own head. the reader can make some pretty accurate judgements about you by the music you listen to. wars have been started over music... (tio dan, back me up here) but then i went onto this blog that had some song about jeans and i actually kinda liked it. so now i'm up in the air about it. but more on the negative side. lol my mom just called me and told me that the doctor could feel my 6 year old sisters ovaries. isn't it weird that a 6 year old has ovaries. i guess she is a girl. lol (again) emails! nope not dr. horrible. but but but tis march. which is one of my favourite months. seriously. there is no joking in my voice. i'm one of those people that call march, mustache march. those people. and saul bought me stylish mustaches that i can wear throughout the month to various events, school, weddings, church.. maybe not church. but you get the point. why are mustaches so fascinating? probably cause it's hair growing out of a face! but tis different than eyebrow hair. i can't help but smile at the thought of it. so i might post pictures if i get enough time.. i never have time. or do i. but once again, the beginning of the month brings something just as great. a new vogue magazine!! yes. one of those girls. it's like the bible to everything classy but it's only accurate for that month then they come out with new things each month. so creative! one day i'll be that creative. or not. but that's all that i want to write for now. maybe more stuff will come to me later. like in a dream, like lehi. even better! the book of sara. blasphemy? never. bigot(e) out.

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