Thursday, March 8, 2012


thank goodness for the break i have in between classes. i always thoroughly enjoy it when i can make tuna fish sammiches with saul. yes we did make tuna fish today. we discussed how we were always "that kid" that opened the tuna fish bag and it reeked terribly bad. then we were made fun of but we kept on eating that sammich cause it was worse not to. twas so tasty that you had to eat it even though you were being teased. ah. the good old days. sometimes i wish i was back in those days. nostalgia.. i watched the move dear john a little bit ago. i never actually realized how much that situation could apply to my life. i want to get into specifics but i know that people actually eavesdrop on my thoughts. no worries. i guess that's what i'm here for. for people to be entertained...? i'm like most people and have issues with goodbye. i hated saying goodbye to reed. it killed me. i had never felt so alone. i can't describe it. do i owe it to him to wait? or do i owe it to myself to continue on with my life cause i know i'm happy and it's not just happy, it's bliss. that's what's tugging on me in the back of my mind. (remember that you chose to read this) i know that saul is the person i want to spend forever with. oh gol. the tug. hey! you can't win them all. even though i am. i'm well aware that i'm the worst person and probably going to hell. see ya there, right? lets write about something happier. trampolines. i have one. that's my secret place where i feel alone and safe. where's your safe place? i'm feeling oddly interactive with whomever is reading this right now. i want to giggle from this comment but a mere smirk is coming out. i appreciate the smirk. it says so much. seriously. smirk in the mirror right now and then be surprised but everything you could be saying by that one smirk. that's all i got.

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