Thursday, March 29, 2012

the bird

so remember how i missed the last couple of weeks to write. yea. that was me. remember how i have nothing to write about today? oh wait! that's every time my fingers touch the keyboard. lets see what's new with me life. i bought my wedding dress off of ebay for only $150. i know! be impressed... that's if it actually works out. that would be so baller. most brides wouldn't even dream of spending so little on their dresses. i'm so cool. i'll let you guys know how that turns out. i really hope it goes well for my sake. i don't really have $900 for a wedding dress. a dress to wear one day. i was pretty adamant about buying my wedding dress cause i felt it was especially special. yea. i said it like that. but i wanted the dress to sit in my closet for ages gathering dust that possibly my daughters could use.. haha that's the dream. or i think. that's why i also got a unique engagement ring. so maybe i could pass it on for future use. i merely want to be remembered in the future! that's all i want. but don't we all want to be remembered? eh eh! or not. but i want to do something meaningful or worthwhile. have you ever noticed that the people with money always get to help people? probably cause they have the money to do it. mostly i'm talking about the girls my age that go off to africa or some other who knows where place to built schools or help orphan children. am i on a soap box? i'm not even having fun writing this. i need to get the oil changed in the car. that doesn't sound like too much fun cause the mechanic always tries to push some other service at you. no thanks mr. mechanic guy. i would like to let my car die and slow and hardly painful death. lolz? i think a bird just fell down my chimney.

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