Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the dream

last night i had this dream. i usually remember my dreams every night. yes i believe i'm one of those people that dreams every night. but in my dream, reed came home from his mission early and he had one small stud in his right ear. i assumed the earring was why he came home early. he kept taking me somewhere and telling me that i didn't have to go through with it. he took me to this sort of bar place. it was very odd. then we were in a group of people and he pulled me away. i woke up and momentarily forgot about the dream but when i remembered, my heart ached for him and everything i've put him through. i don't regret my decision but i'm sad that it had to lay out this way. i agree that i'm too young to be getting married but i know i'm old enough to make the decision to spend eternity with my best friend. i can still see the pained look on reed's face in my dream. i don't remember saying anything. only hugging and crying. now i need to forget the dream.

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