Thursday, April 5, 2012

the list

so i've got this list of things i need to do either this week or today. i'm one of those list people. thoroughly enjoy them. mostly because i like crossing things off the list. not the actual sense of accomplishment for the task i just tackled.
1. get block of wood (in case i need to knock on it)
2. call eyebrow place. my head is now the amazon forest.
3. call laser place. to get upper lip laser-ed..
4. put good pen in backpack. i hate taking notes with the crappy one.
5. text quinci about friday. either indoor surfing or celebrating her birthday..? surfing.
6. get annoying singing card and cookie dough for mary. happy belated birthday?
7. consider doing writing assignment hw. (due 4.8)
8. consider doing brasil slideshow. (due 4.24)
9. clean room
10. clean todd's (my beta) fishbowl
11. write in blog (check!)
12. clip nails. i scratched saul by accident and drew blood. (that's when you know)
13. gas up car. (i hate seeing the gas light on)
14. wash bras. that point when your bra smells funky..
that's word for word what it says on my to do / reminder list. so tell my friendly readers, how do you get all your tasks done? too stupid of a question? i agree. until l8er!

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