Thursday, April 12, 2012

"...when she smiled."

last night saul, me, and my mama had the opportunity to go to cate's house to try some wedding food and desserts. cate with a c is a jack of all trades. she's a professional photographer, brilliant chef, graphic designer plus many other occupations. we were all quite impressed with her. but what i loved most was her willingness to listen and for things to flow smoothly. lol demi lovato is bipolar. but cate wanted this to definitely be about me and saul instead of my mom and the opinions of everyone else. she actually listened unlike many other wedding planners. very happy about her. but i'm definitely going to need some help from above with this process. gl me. finals are coming up. very nervous. i might be neglecting this blog for a while. understandable. i'm hanging out with my best friend every day. we'll probably go parachuting off the C.O.B. soon. nbd. i can't explain how passionate i feel about life with him. we went to the hot springs a little bit ago. we got fried but it turned into a tan. we're grateful for our not particular white skin complexions. more fun stuff coming up soon! i think i even convinced him to go to titanic in 3d with me. ftw!
-sara p.

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